Eden Studios International Film Festival is the brainchild of Bryan Martin, Matthew Silver and the team at BCMfilms. It follows on the heals of our past film festivals, Sutter Creek International and Low To No International. 


Mr. Bryan Martin: Bryan is a filmmaker's filmmaker. He is a hands-on director/producer, and is a key element of his projects from start to finish. His knowledge of filmmaking is, by far, amongst the best. In 2016, Bryan was ranked number 17, out of the top 100 indie filmmakers in the world, in the book “Indie’s Top 100 Filmmakers.” It is presently available on iTunes. He is President and CEO of BCMfilms.com, a film production company, and Eden Studios, a full service film production studio, based in Sacramento, California. 


Bryan is very well-versed in film festival operations. In addition to attending countless festivals the world over as a filmmaker, Bryan had made his way every January for a number of years to Sundance Film Festival, where he serves as the festival's Special Theater Operations Manager. Bryan decided several years ago to start a new festival focused on returning to the original intent of independent film festivals - namely, true independent film.


He and his partners founded Velvet Rope/Sutter Creek International Film Festival in 2016, Low To No International Film Festival in 2018, and now, in 2020, they make another leap into the future with the opening of Eden Studios and Eden Studios International Film Festival. The sky truly is the limit.

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