2020 Film and Script Awards

Best Animation


Best Cinematography

Wild Lands, Wild Horses

Best Sound

Meek Lover Creek 

Best Lighting

Mark of The Rougarou

Best Score

God's Game

Best Actor

Edouard Cheny - God's Game  


Best Actress
Kanea Blokland - PUPA

Best Short Film

Best Pilot/Series

Dear Mama

Best Music Video


Best Documentary

Wild Lands, Wild Horses


Best Director - Documentary

Elijah McKenzie - KY Place: Hemp State

Best Director

Meshal al Jaser - PUPA

Best Foreign Film

No Time To Die - A Fan Film 

Best Feature

Letters To Daniel: The Motion Picture

Audience Award

Tales From The Long Memory

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Marta Kristen

Bryan Martin

Written Word Awards

Best Short Screenplay

1st place:

To Win Somebody's Heart - CJ Minifee 

2nd place:

Unaccompanied Minor - James Montague Freeman

3rd place:

To The End - Gregory Fusco 

Best Feature Screenplay - Drama

1st place:

Stories I Told My Father - William Jody Ebert 

2nd place:

The Statue Garden - Peter Hsieh 

3rd place:

The Last Ride - Arturo Portillo 

Best Screenplay - LGBTQ

Love Like The 80's - Jedediah Parker

Best Feature Screenplay - Sci-Fi/Thriller

1st place:
Inversion - Suzy Stein, Fernando Perez

2nd place:
Mars Is Ours - Clifford David Paris 

3rd place:
Patient A - Gift Agu

Best Feature Screenplay - Fantasy

1st place:
Legacy One: Luna - Danielle Erlich 

2nd place:
Magic Portal - Simon Parker

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